Arty Meme Tag!

The lovely Lynne over at has asked me if I’d participate in this meme and I went sure! Why not! Lynne has been my great friend since 1991 when me as a teeny little scared first year joined a uni club, and she was the first person to talk to me. That’s a long time ago. She is now living in another country but remains one of my best mates. πŸ™‚
1. What am I working on?
I have two landscapes on the go about to be finished and some ideas for what to do next.
I have two figurative oils on the go (I must remember to get back to them).
I have a started epic oil painting of an Elizabethan crowd scene with dinosaurs I think i will scrap cause I am really not enjoying it.
I have about 4 water colours in relative stages of done.
I’ve got a big chunk of illustrative stuff I’ve been doing that I’ve hit the wall on – over thinking it, really.
I’m editing a book I wrote in the 1990s and i found a copy of and it’s actually good and it’s worth polishing up, and I’m writing another book. I should submit first book to more publishers soon.
I’ve got some half done poems I need to get back to.
That’s it for the art space. I have many many other projects on the go that are on hiatus because of the stupid back.
2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Well I have three distinct styles within the art genre.
The cartoon monsters, the landscapes, and the portraits/laborious oils.
They differ from each other as much as they differ from everyone else’s work.
This is an odd question to answer really, making me wonder what to say.
Genre is a useful way to classify things broadly, but personal style is what makes it differ.
So the answer to everyone here would be ‘it’s in my style!’Β  Assuming one has a style. Or styles.
3. Why do I write/create what I do?Β 
Peace of mind
4. How does my writing/creating process work?
What makes someone want to watch a football game? They just do! (or in the case of me, they just don’t!)
It really just depends. If i feel like it I sit down and do it.
I have times set aside for doing stuff in that I can choose toΒ  or not to do creative work in – sometimes you really just want to sit watching Star Trek and playing Solitaire, and that’s TOTALLY OK! I just go ‘OK today I’m going to …write! draw! paint!’. It’s very hard to describe a creative process. It comes from outside you .
I often think there is nothing that I have done to cause this, it’s a combination of genotype, phenotype, societal expectation, and then on top of that I guess comes my discipline and desires and preferences – but without that first three I’d not be doing what I’m doing. It’s all about whim too. I am a creature of whim. Art and creation comes and goes in tendrils and you have to be prepared to harness it when it arrives and get something out of it. Nothing worse than sitting down and saying ‘OK time to paint now’ and not really feeling the love.
You’ve got to be feeling the love.
The fact that there is ‘the love’ is how it works, I suppose.
There. Meme Done!

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  1. Love this. I’ve just begun to experiment with actual paint. It’s a love hate story (as you could see on my blog). I really want to see the dinosaur painting, or at least the work in progress! Following!

    • Maybe I’ll do a post on that painting and see how it goes and slog away at it! Love/hate is every piece i end up doing. i still struggle with some things in paint. The landscapes are so far from what i want to be doing at the moment, finding it very slow going to get to where I want to be….:)

      • I found that even if you dont like a piece, others will go bananas for it sometimes lol. I have a few pieces on my blog that people really seem to like that I dont. Art is never finished, only abandoned πŸ™‚

      • That is so true. Things I love, others are a bit ‘meh’ about and often things I think were total failures, are the most liked pieces. πŸ™‚

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