Aimless/The Penny Dropped

The penny dropped

The penny dropped

You know when you have a grand idea for something then you kind of lose your way with it. This picture had that. The idea behind this one was mean to symbolise the moment where only one person suddenly realises something and everyone else is oblivious – and yet it looks like a bunch of corpulent telly tubby rejects hanging out for no reason on a cliff.

So I think that’s fair.

It’s working title was ‘The Penny Dropped” but it turned out to be “Aimless”. I don’t mind that. i enjoyed doing the orange dude in the back’s spots. I like painting spots into water colour. Sometimes you use more colour and sometimes just a damp brush and you swirl into the already applied colour.

Hey wordpress: I’m Australian. Hence i spell symbolise and realise with s not z, and I put a U in colour. Stop insisting this is mis-spelled. I miss-spell enough already without your help. I’m a shocking speller. Its that whole slightly dyslexic thing – good with words but not with the details of the words.

I’m still confused on how to spell Towel. I can never be sure I’m right on that one.

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  1. Your browser is doing the spell-checking; not WordPress. Most browsers have a way to change which language you use for spell-checking. I’d offer instructions, but it varies from browser-to-browser.

    Also: aimless tellytubbies for the win!

  2. Nothing wrong with the odd corpulent teletubby I say.:)

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