The Think Tank

think tank

think tank

Another painting inspired by my current project, this one has all the people who have to spend all day making difficult decisions, standing around and wondering how to solve things.
Lots of being at work is like this when you’re on a big IT project which is breaking new ground and causing new issues. I’m currently on the most complicated project I’ve ever been on, it’s grinding along in the usual project fashion.. We have got to the stage where we are finding the absurd and obscure things almost more than the quick win things.

4 responses to “The Think Tank

  1. njh sez he is the green guy with the pointy nose up the back.
    And towel is correct 🙂
    I might be the stumpy green guy with the world’s longest butt crack. Or maybe those are shoulder blades.

  2. Can just about name these guys can’t we? Haven’t we all met them at some time or another? 🙂

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