Someone is telling the truth about me on the internet – Edited

Someone is telling the truth about me on the internet

Someone is telling the truth about me on the internet

It must be a weird thing to read things that you didn’t know other people knew that has been published on the net. I was talking to someone the other day who told a long story about how his mate’s girlfriend cheated on him and he went and created a website about what a total bitch she was, using nuddie photos she’d sent him and describing her sex life in detail. If you search for her name, it’s the first hit you find. It’s been there for years. Now that is revenge.


This post has generated some feedback from some unusual sources and I should really address it.

I was a bit too vague about what my intent was. I was being vague on purpose but it appears to have concerned some people about my meaning. I was not approving that persons’ actions. Commenting on them is something different. This painting was inspired by a number of things, too. I paint this sort of picture to relieve frustration. The sort of thing I say about the picture often comes much later and I don’t necessarily explain everything behind it.

I don’t condone revenge postings of nudie pictures on the internet. The thought is awful – however it appears that at least one friend of mine (Hi Patrick!) thought my statements were giving approval –   made reference to how it resembled  ‘gamergate’, something I read about recently and am stunned by.

Despite what at least one person thinks about me, I’d never be involved in doing that sort of thing. These things happen in the modern world; I was commenting that they happen –  and relating a story that had nothing to do with me, that actually I found a bit nasty at the time.

I guess this is really a very uncomfortable thing to be posting and has triggered some very strong responses – this I did not expect.  And my attempt to be non committal about my intent on posting it has been taken by at least one person I like to be an endorsement of shit behavior by other people.

Just wanted to put it out there  that this is what this post is really about. 🙂