Snowy river, Dusk

snowy river dusk

snowy river dusk

My second attempt at still freshwater scene and I picked one with so much going on that I confused myself painting it.  This painting was labored and difficult; but really now I look at it, it’s not as bad as I thought it was. I’m not fond of it. It’s not brilliant at all, it doesn’t do what I wanted it too so I’m a bit negative about it (don’t worry, the next picture I’m putting up, I think worked better and I like that one!!!!)  I think it has moments that work well and moments that do not.

The water colour was an intense blue – the sun had dipped right down and the clouds were pink tinged and everything was deeper and dark in colour.  The water reflected the very dark blue sky.
I’m not great at doing vegetation up close. I need to practices that a lot more. I do what I think I see, not what is there – a mistake that tend to make again and again. Trying to draw and colour what is actually there is not so easy.

I ended up doing a lot of glazing (thinning transparent blue paint in glazing medium) to get the water right, not something I’ve done that much. I over painted the water that was there before – that was frankly shockingly bad and I was embarrassed by it. This at least gives the impression of water.

It’s weird putting up pictures on an international page like this where people from everywhere can just look at it and go ‘yes, I see your failure too!’ I’m trying  to get better. I suspect  if I’d done this one three years ago I’d have been pleased as punch, but now, not so much. I know what I want something to look like and when it just never gets there, I finish up and go to the next one and hopefully do better there.

Not sure when I will tackle another freshwater scene. I am aiming to exhibit some time next year with my landscapes and I think my focus will be on beach scenes for the time being, but I will keep this in mind, anyway.

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