Exhibition! Feb 19 to 28 at ArtBoy Gallery in Prahan…

So! I have the back wall and four sections of the ArtBoy gallery, which I will be exhibiting “Regina rex” in, from Feb 19 to 28 next year.

Opening night will be Friday Feb 20.

ArtBoy is in Greville St, Prahan., right next to the station.
I will be doing invites and cards and flyers in the next few weeks.


Henry VIII

Henry VIII

I finally got off my butt and organized it.  I have had my eye on ArtBoy Gallery for ages because they seemed to have the correct amount of nerdyness to them that I needed.

Queen and Sauropod

I am also inspired so I’ve started a few new paintings too. I say a few. I mean, at least 6.


And i’ve been making sure the older ones are photographed, therefore I’ve had to dust them.

Mary Tudor and lungfish

Mary Tudor and lungfish

Hopefully it will be a rocking night of much fun.

Queen Anne

Queen Anne

So much to do!


So many more things to paint!

We are amused - Victoria and a plesiousaur

We are amused – Victoria and a plesiousaur

I should totally go and paint some more now!

Charles II with Allosaur

Charles II with Allosaur

You know when you’ve not looked at your stuff in ages and you look at it and go, wait, did I do that? What was I thinking?

Well there is more of that coming up now I’m sure. Off to go paint! wooo!

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  1. Amazing work Avril – hope it all goes well for you!

  2. Thank you! At this point i really just need to reduce the amount of paintings i have cause i’ve run out of storage room…

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