The schematron

the schematron

the schematron

Everyone at work is totally going on about ‘The Schemeatron’. I could only imagine they are discussing some sort of monster that comes out at night and dicks with the work the architects and business people have put together during the day, and then runs and hides again.  So you can imagine how pleased I was when I finally saw it out of the corner of my eye and there it was, dicking with people’s notes and making it difficult for them!

You know, I did a painting of dolphins sitting in a bar and smoking. I wonder what happened to that painting. Hrm.

I’ve been painting a LOT lately, none of it ready yet. Since booking the gallery, I decided I needed more work in the theme of crowned heads of England and Dinosaurs. I’m currently working on seven new paintings…

Of various sizes, a few quite small, some fairly substantial in size. I’m working in chunks as I need to let things try before I work on them again, so I’m taking things down, working on a bit of them, and then getting the next one down. I have three Elizabeth I’s, one Elizabeth II, another Henry VIII (very small this time) and I decided on Charles I as well. Also, it occurred to me I  needed a Mary (Orange, Ne Stuart), so I have a canvas waiting for her too, I might draw that up tonight.

I think i can complete a good 10 more paintings by mid feb, EASILY….

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  1. I bet the Schemeatron is the thing that comes in and changes the order of the post it notes just after you’ve finally gotten the process flow right.

    • ooh i’ll have to go have a look at that. You don’t want missing architects. you never know what they’ll get up to if you let them out on their own.

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