Acurity consuming the information

acurity consuming the information

acurity consuming the information

I work with a vendor software system called Acurity, it is how we administer our products. I am currently working as a senior test analyst on a government ‘inspired’ project called Superstream (anyone working in super in Oz who is reading this has started whimpering in shared pain at this point, I can guarantee that….) where the entirety of Australian super businesses are being forced kicking and screaming into modern technology use. There are lots of new ways we have to do things these days. Lots of projects, and lots of changes.

One of the business people on a related project mentioned that she liked the phrase ‘Acurity consuming the information’ and remarked hopefully it would make a good picture.

It kind of did. I see Acurity as a giant fluffy monster, striding through the city and scooping up The Informations and eating them.