The orphan


baby1 (1)

Well I’ve got nothing to post that’s new cause all my time is going into those dinosaur royalty things and I’m painting like a fiend and not doing other stuff. So I’ve done a bit of a trawl through my archives – and I don’t think I’ve published these ones before
This is a series I did called ‘The Orphan’. I decided this giant baby was left on the doorstep of an orphanage and was raised to be a normal kid only he was horribly huge. The proportions are a bit different in all the pictures so I never went anywhere with it. These would probably be from 10 years ago or so.

Might benefit from a redraw with consistent sizing.

So enjoy…

orphan doorstep

orphan treehouse


ophan drink

orphan pool


orphan horse

oprhan dog


orpahn sweets

orpahn xmas

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