I forgot, I finished this one. I only have a picture of it with a bit of sunlight flashing off the bottom left (the background should all be in black). I was in the mood for an action picture – a lot of things I do have very posed or inactive characters in them.



I based this on a painting of Genghis Khan I found in a book on horses in art. Cool, hey.

This one had so much finicky detail. I finished it before I started my queens, ages ago. I’m doing a companion picture which is a bunch of Elizabethans cavorting around merrily in dance –  but that is on the back burner with all my landscapes as I’m working on the portraits at the moment.

I meant in fact to do painting tonight but I ended up cleaning a rug (cats. Urine. You know the deal), then I not so randomly went and bought a coffee machine.  I had one that was an old sunbeam that died horribly about 6 months ago and released the blue smoke – then bought a breville one which died after about two months. It’s replacement also died after about two months. DO NOT RECOMMEND BREVILLE VENIZIO or whatever the cruddy thing was called. I’ve just replaced THAT one with something that calls itself a Saeco Minuto for about 3 times the price – which already has produced one cup of rather nice coffee compared to the bilgewater that the breville created.

So pleased – I can put away the plunger once more.