Blue Queen

Blue queen

Blue queen

Elizabeth II with some form of allosaur. I think I decided it was a tarbosaurous.  I kind of enjoyed this one cause it was a purely original (based on a photograph of her) rather than a copy of a portrait…. I’m a bit over copying portraits. I’ve reached the last three paintings and I’m ready to go back to do landscapes and other things now. Gotta slog through and finish them though

The colour on this photography doesn’t do it justice. my camera has picked up the blue in the background and blued in the rest of it a bit – her skin tone is not at all blue; if i have one criticism of my camera (canon powershot) it’s that it intensifies the blues too much.  Also I am very impatient and don’t bother taking overly good photos. I just don’t get it and I kind of don’t care.


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  1. Does your camera always emphasise blues, including outside in bright sunlight? Or only indoors with natural light?
    I like this one, it looks very natural 🙂

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