wave 2

wave 2

In this painting i added a bit of green into the waves and also used a number of different blues (my favorite blue though is phthalo blue),  as well as some paynes grey and some naples yellow. I’m trying to really level up on the sea scapes. They tend to be turning out ok but the image in my mind is by no mean reflected on the canvas.

Painting waves that look good turns out to be far far harder a challenge than i had anticipated – they are shapes and have light and shadow, it’s clear when they look wrong, and I’ve yet to figure out how to get bits of them to look transparent. That will come I’m sure. Human faces are easy compared to this! Its so easy to go all uncanny valley on a landscape or a seascape! Sounds odd i know but its seriously easy to do a bad tree and a bad beach scene .I also am challenging myself to work on painting still water, as in the pools around the rocks. I am finding the hard thing here is to paint what i actually see, rather than what I think it should look like. I really like some bits of this painting and I really don’t like others. All in all I like it – for now. 🙂

It’s very hard to make a painting that is ugly if you are painting in blue. How nice is blue! Blue is awesome! Why are so many uniforms blue? I didn’t wear blue for years after having to wear it for a job i had!