Jamming. And my couch.

avrilejean, avril e jean


This was one of those pictures I started and that didn’t work out how I wanted but i finished anyway and I’m not overly thrilled with. Eh.  This is pretty much another portrait of the couch in my back room, too, the couch that turns up a lot in my paintings- with small variations.

I have three club lounges/couches – one is purple and lives in the lounge room, one is a green/cream velvet print with mirrored inset drink holders and deco wood highlights (the second picture below shows the look), in the back room, and the third is a nubby, dusty, patterned green couch that arrived here one day cause some friends didn’t have room for it any more and knew i’d like it. I do like it but it took the new back room before we had somewhere for it!

29061101 cats helping out - reading OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

here’s a shot of two of them together. the problem with fabric covered couches when the fabric is over 60 years ago is that they look a bit ratty. They’ve still got life in them!