Charles I and the stegasaur

I have two more paintings to publish that are going into the exhibition in LESS THAN A WEEK MY GOODNESS. The lovely Damien Wise came and took some excellent photographs of my work. Mine are always skew-whiff and off centre and flash marks. He is a photographer and so he understands whacky things like ‘focus’.

This was my first real attempt at painting plate armor, thanks to Van Dyke’s equestrian portrait of Charles I which I used as the basis for this painting.


This painting was that laborious, horrible to do, never ending; I went over it again and again because it was crappy and flat and awful and dull and nothing worked in it. I had to redo the sky, the tree, the ground, the shadows, the dinosaur, and charles. So it’s turned into something that worked out quite fine –  but caused me fury and grief while i was doing it and i resented it. I can’t look at it without being cross and tired. I’m sure this will be one of the ones that everyone likes. I look at it very critically. I remember how it was.

I don’t much like the Stuart Kings.  Franky, they were all  total dickheads of one type or another – when you are the descendants of Mary Queen of Scots and Henry Darnley, your genetic capacity for logic is not going to be working so well for you. Those two come across as the dumbest couple in history and all their children and grandchildren seemed to inherit that dumbness undiluted.  I have no sympathy or empathy for anything they went through. Charles I was the one who was beheaded.


You might be interested in reading The Tyrannicide Brief to learn a bit more about why his execution was legal under English Law.  I like Geoffory Robertson. What a brain in that head – brilliant – and I have 100% approval of his ethics and what he tries to do, publicly, at least. Oddly, he looks exactly like my grandmother.  I think it’s a scottish thing.