Queen Mary (of Orange) and an oviraptor

The last picture!

mary of orange and oviraptor

mary of orange and oviraptor

Not only an oviraptor (feathered, mind you!) but also the pattern on her dress is Bothriolepis – a jawless fish from the early devonian. Mmmm. Bothriolepis.  My all time favorite fossil. I’ve considered (and not yet ruled out) having my next tattoo be a Bothriolepis (I already have a Velociraptor on my leg).



Mary is pretty colourless as a historical figure. She’s the eldest daughter of James II, who was deposed for his catholic leanings – her husband William of Orange was told if he’d like to invade England and come and take over, that would be just dandy by the English. So he did. Mary and he were joint rulers till she died and then Anne (her younger sister) took over when he died. She was the sister to ‘The Pretender’ to the throne – her brother, who was catholic and thus while in direct succession never was wanted or needed to reign.

Mary really never said or did much of note. Possibly the most interesting thing about her is that her and her sister probably contracted syphilis while they were being born from their mother (who got it from their father) and this is why they miscarried, didn’t get pregnant, or their children were very short lived. what a tragedy for them. The Stuarts died out with them, after Anne is where the Georges of Hanover were invited over to be kings (George was a decendant of James I on the female side).

I like Anne better as a historical picture, she had the most bizzare girl crushes on people. She also had Marlborough and the Battle of Blenheim under her belt. A most interesting time to live.

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