Regina Rex starts tomorrow. I’m not freaking out AT ALL.

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the princess elizabeth

So, 24 paintings (actually 23 paintings and one embroidery) and more wine and beer than one can ever imagine drinking, were loaded into my little car today – and I drove along to Prahran rather carefully and deposited them at ArtBoy Gallery. all ready for Regina rex. I was the passenger in a car last week that had a mild collision, so I’m a bit nervous driving at the moment and I was super nervous today due to the contents of my car! Thank goodness for a hatchback, is all I can say.  Also, driving down chapel street. Trams. I used to be a conductor on those trams…. Those were the days.

Also I’ve had a tiring unpleasant feverish virus since Friday – today is the first day I’ve felt slightly human (and the first day in 5 I don’t have a fever), and I’m still a bit ‘meh’ about going out.  Also, let’s face it. I’m about 80 in my going out habits these days. I am a bit more of a stay at home person than I used to be. I yell at kids to get off my lawn. Practically, anyway. I don’t have a lawn, I have a cottage garden, and the neighborhood isn’t exaclty bustling with kids. But if i did, I’d be guarding it in a very cranky manner indeed.

But it’s all there now nice and safe. Marc (gallery owner) and I worked out the hanging order – which took a bit of doing. You think it’s going to be easy, and grouping the Elizabeth Is together was fine, also the Elizabeth IIs – but those pesky Stuarts were much darker than other pictures and it took a while to find a way to arrange them to be eye pleasing –  so there was a lot of umming and aahing about where to group and who should go together. Turned out very well indeed, I thought.  For some reason I made almost all my Elizabeth II’s have a blue background, so they group together in a really lovely manner.  I have the back chunk of the gallery, there is a tonne of other really awesome nerdy geeky stuff on the other walls too which I will have a good darn look at too when I have the time.

In the end it looked excellent and now it’s actually at the cusp of happening, I’m all excited though yes, I’m freaking out a bit too. It is mega hard to put your work out there, it’s hard for the soul.  And it’s also a lot of work to organise and see this sort of thing through – even things like putting wire on the paintings and wrapping them for transport took a whole day.  I will be relieved when its over even though I’m really pleased I’m doing it!

I will go in tomorrow first thing (for the gallery, not for me) and actually hang them  – and then it’s open for business! The opening night is Friday night and should be a total piss up, lots of people from my past and present are coming,  I hope. I must remember to buy cups or we will all be swinging wine directly from bottles – something I did in the 90s and I don’t really think is a classy thing to revisit. Many things I did in the 90s are not worth a revisit (she says thinking about her horrible second boyfriend).


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  1. WOO! Wish I could be there. Hope it goes well!
    I yelled at a boy who was kicking dandelions in our front yard last year. He was heading straight for my pansies (not a euphemism). I told him our place isn’t a park… LOL

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