What I’m working on at the moment

After the crazy last few months of getting the royal portraits done, I’ve hit the wall a bit and I’ve powered down. Have not been able to sit at my easel at all (which means not a lot of landscapes, though I did start some), and I’ve not really felt like doing much other than practicing my drawing.  All my originally seems to have deserted me. I know it will be back, I’ve just got to wait.
This meant I was able to take up something that i had sitting around that I’ve been studiously avoiding.

A number of years ago (like, 15 years) I wrote a little story and illustrated it. The illustrations were very rough. I didn’t do anything with it really, I thought about trying to get it published but I knew I had to redraw it.


So I did redraw it sometime later but I made two mistakes: I made the creatures all look identical, and way too creepy to boot.


See. Disturbing (if anyone remembers LiveJournal, this was my avatar there!)

fladley boos

So some time around a year ago, I did it again, this time i made sure to give all the critters a personality and a different colour, and I made much note of what I did and how they looked.  I drew it up water-coloured it in but it just wasn’t doing it for me and it fell flat.

I also knew the story needed work. It was actually based on someone eating a redskin (this is an Australian sweetie)  and it snapping his tooth out and having to go round with a gappy tooth hole, and everyone made suggestions for how to put the tooth back in.

I’ve started reworking my story, in rhyme.  I write prose, stories, lyrics. Sometimes I’ve ventured into poetry but I don’t actually think I’m deep enough to write poetry.  I’ve got the story flowing better. Still needs work.
I started working on the colour pencil recently, and I knew i had the answer to my problem.

Pen and watercolour:

avrilejean, avril e jean

Add coloured pencil: now it pops!


Another picture from the set:


And i have kept detailed notes on colours used – this is my idea of detailed notes, anyway. I made sure all the critters looked different, had different colours, and got drawn multiple times.


So i’ve done 8 very detailed works, and I’ve identified the need for at least 2 more large ones and a number of smaller action shots. This is what I’m working on at the moment.

When I’m not pulling the bathroom apart (to solve a little rat issue), moving mulch, doing a jigsaw, learning the ukelele, and playing solitaire, that is!

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  1. Ha, yes, I can see why you redid them and made them pop. Also they are now much more in your current style.
    Have you considered watercolour pencil? You can leave it as pencil or you can wash it with water.

  2. i’ve got watercolour pencils but i’m kind of enjoying the pencil at the moment, trying to get a grip of the medium 🙂

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