Sunset, Rye beach


I was trying to paint much looser and swooshier so I chose a photograph I took on Rye beach looking back over the trees, at a sunset, and I chose to paint it with as little detail as possible. This was actually utterly fun to paint, it’s largely finger painted. I like getting my ring fingers in to blend paint, a lot of the final work on my paintings I use my fingers.

Sunset is an appropriate theme too. I farewell the topic of Royalty and Dinosaurs. I will be creating a shop on my blog soon – first I have to organise moving my blog from wordpress hosting to another host so then i can use the shop plugin that was recommended to me. This is all very tedious really. Why cannot things be like they are in Star Trek, where all the technologies just talk to each other without needing decisions and multiple interfaces! (That however would render my current job obsolete. I’m the Level One Diagnostic at work, otherwise known as a Test Analyst, after all).

Anyway, I finished up my illustrations, have something in mind for the NEXT illustration (I am about to revive Colin the Weevil!), and I had a sudden realisation what the next batch of pictures I am going to work on is, which has opened up the world again for me. There is almost nothing as bad as a creative slump, and I’ve frankly been in one for months. It’s made me miserable. I saw the light -weirdly while on the x-trainer at the gym just now, and while studiously trying to avoid ‘seeing’ someone who was also there who I did not want to have to chat too, so i went very introspective, it forced me to think and I did. It was very Charles Mieville of me. I was unseeing!

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  1. I would fail art appreciation, but I know what I like. Love the depth in the purple and the pink in the sky.

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