Roller Derby

The lovely Damien took some decent photographs of my ‘hard to shoot’ pictures the other week. This is an old painting at least 3 years ago.  Realism is not always my thing in paintings.

Roller derby is a pretty cool sport where fit women who have more tattoos than me do things I’ve yet to understand utterly, all on roller skates, set to music.  It seems really violently fun but I don’t really know (I have a memory of the Goodies doing egg and spoon paintball now on their ‘lets update Cricket to be exciting episode’…..) ehem.  back to roller derby. I have at least one friend who is a team member and I have another friend who does the calling of it.  it’s a big fun sport and the reason I’ve not gone to watch it is that I fundamentally dislike watching sport – even if i approve of the concept!

Roller derby

Roller derby

I learned to roller skate in the 80s, on skates that tied on over shoes. All the kids at Bentley Crt could skate pretty well, that was a good place to grow up as a kid. A kid in almost every house other than the very grumpy neighbors who didn’t like the kids making noises.  For special treats, when I was a bit older sometimes I’d get to go a a rink, where you had to wear hired shoes and the ground was smooth and flat and falling over was slightly in the dark and to the sound of Pat Benetar.

I am pretty good at falling over. I fell over a l lot ice skating too. I can fall over anywhere, to be honest.

I have four tattoos. Three real ones on my legs (dragon, dinosaur, skeleton) and one I did myself accidentally by getting paint into a cut on my finger, thus making a really shit tattoo.

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