Colin the weevil

I’ve been in a slight creative/art time out for a bit, in so far as I have ideas but I want to just noodle around for a bit and try out some different things. While I’m a bit un-arty I I wanted to do something while sitting in front of the telly for a bit –  many many moons ago I wrote a shortish story called “Colin the Weevil” which didn’t work as a novella but did work really well as a really short kids story.  So I wrote it up instead as a picture book story and did some paintings and put them aside – I got them out and did them over with pencil and I’m pleased with the result.  The story in the novella is about insanity and megalomaniac insects, the kids book is about a birthday party.

Colin the weevil and Andee the Ant:

colin andy gift

And insects enjoying drinks! I scanned it in crooked, they are not in a leaning house.

girl dancing

So while i’m doing this, i’ve ordered ink, I have ordered dry pigment, because I’m going to give egg tempera a go.  I need to get an airbrush too and give airbrushing a go! When the pigments are in stock, I get to start on that, I’m waiting for the order to be filled.

I’m getting some other stuff together, too I am about to start sewing again, I probably will sew by hand because it’s relaxing and my machine is being a prick. It’s been about three years since I last made a dress (I stopped sewing cause my machine is being a prick) – i’ve just ordered 5yards of blue silk – it’s an American pattern, hence the measurement yards not meters.  That’s ok cause I bought the silk online and they sold in yards too. So i didn’t need to convert it all after all. Aaah metric. You’re ace. But anyway, when that comes I’m going to work on a thirties style frock – love the thirties. how flattering are those dresses. I’ve got a new pattern with floppy sleeves and it’s going to be grand.

I’ve  also done a little bit of pastel recently for the first time since I did a one day pastel course about 5 years ago and swore I’d never do it again – I did and it looks great! Working on another one. Will post them when i’ve scanned them. I had to be persuaded that pastel didn’t suck by seeing a lot of demos. Also, I bought a ‘how to pastel’ book in the op shop and I went ‘hrm’.

I’ve done a bit of landscape in oils but I’m not feeling the love with it right now.  Probably have one ready by tomorrow evening to post if i do the 10 mins it needs on it.

The main thing I’m doing  at the moment is a sort of psychoanalysis therapy thing with tracks you listen to and click and tap and concentrate and you get rid of shit in your head that’s been cluttering you up since you were 3, you deal with negative thinking and you replace it with positive thinking. Apparently I come across as pretty together – I kind of am but there was stuff holding me back, crippling self doubt, blah blah.  I went to see this woman about my weight gain and comfort eating (slipping the discs was where it all really started going wrong) – and have come out of it going ‘well there you go then, there’s a lot of crap in that there little head of mine that needs a paddling’.

Life  for me at the moment sort of resembles when Eric Zoolander went to the day spa and comes back all prepped to kill that Claymation Dude. I’m really pleased with it though If i see that micronesian president at the same time they play relax – he’s toast.

Wait. Why Male models?

Turns out over eating is not about the food. WHO KNEW, hah.  Lots of dealing with stuff and closure going on at the moment, this is probably why I’m not coming up with weird and whacky things to paint, it’s all a bit odd in there. Had dreams that Chewbacca was ripping the face off his dad, had dreams that my friends were being buried in my dining room and I was annoyed because that’s where I bury people and I didn’t want others to get me in trouble with the law. These are all ‘sorting out crap’ dreams. Hence painting is a bit low on list of things to deal with. I will get back to it in time! Till then…lots of landscapes and randomness. They are easy enough to do, as long as i want to.

Ohhh speaking of landscape I went down to Flinders Beach the other day and took lots of photos. It really is a very pretty spot, even the Baby boomer having a loud conversation on his mobile about funeral arrangements couldn’t spoil the view. Enjoy the pics!

IMG_3536 IMG_3537 IMG_3548 IMG_3551 IMG_3554 IMG_3558 IMG_3563 IMG_3567

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  1. Thanks for sharing the pics! It’s nearly three years since we’ve been home and I’m starting to get a bit of an ache going.
    Colin is looking good now – nice and bright!

    • Lynne, I actually thought of you when I posted the pics! it’s such a pretty part of the coast, too. I’m going to try and get out a lot more this year. Any plans to come for a visit?

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