Storm clouds over wheat field – pastel


I took some photos from the car window when I was out and about near the Grampians over the christmas break. There were wheat fields everywhere, the middle of the harvest. I also wanted to practice working on clouds. There was a rotten storm (that stopped us going to the mountains, but at least I got some good cloud shots out of it). Of course the entire region was on fire a week later. Welcome to Victoria in summer.

I’ve blocked in one of these in oils too I’m working on (ok I blocked it in, not working on it yet).

This is a pastel painting. You DRAW with the pastels but you can get a painting or a drawing depending on how you use the pastels. I did a lot of finger smudging and hence I ended up with a painting. It is a pretty dirty process, you end up with chalky dust everywhere – i think i need to make some sort of ‘catcher’ for the dust – and your fingers get really chalky. Well my fingers do.

I’m pleased with this one. The coloured pencil practice really came in handy when doing this painting, it’s a different way to mix colours than on a palette with paints.

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  1. I’m no art critic – but gosh I do like this. You could walk into that storm!

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