Sunset, pastel

My second pastel was a bit more involved than the first, using a lot of dark colours my brain says ‘but these are not right for a beach picture!’-  so I do a lot of second guessing.  Duh it’s night and it was getting dark. DUH.


It’s turned out ok. I need to work more on pastel to get it in control, currently it’s so far very all over the shop what I end up with!

I started a third picture which I’m half done but I’m ready to brush right back and start again. The reality is that I’ve not yet learned to draw a tree that doesn’t look awkward (distance blobs are fine), so I have set myself the goal of ‘learn to draw a tree’ for the next little while.

2 responses to “Sunset, pastel

  1. Oh the old second guessing! We are all so good at that aren’t we? 🙂

    • Oh yeah! I find that the picture I do is often so far away from the one i intended, and i am so full of sadness I didn’t get what i was going for, that I miss what i’ve actually done until someone else looks at it and says ‘wow’. i really like this one now but i had to see it scanned in a few days after I’d done it. 🙂

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