Summer Storm (and two WIPS)

Summer storm

Summer storm

It’s very hard to type with a very determined little grey cat insisting that your arms are the place she needs to be lying down, thus preventing you moving your hands over the keyboard. At least she’s purring, my goodness this cat is cute. I’m having cat sagas at the moment – I will post and share when they turn out all right (it’s still a bit iffy at the moment, it’s been A Week of Not Great Cat Stories – and there is still potential for things to go awry – watch this space).

This is the current cat (though it’s an old picture). She is an amazingly cute cat who is amazingly Un-photogenic. She looks stoned, inane, or hideous in almost all the pictures i have of her. Weird how the meltingness of her personality refuses to translate to film.


Anyway I’ve been reading a book called “Talent is overrated” which essentially talks about how people become good at what they do, is they work on it, they do deliberate practice on the things they don’t want to do because they are painful, but that’s how you get better. It’s about feedback and pushing yourself, and attempting to do better.  A few weeks ago I set up a bunch of canvasses with under-painting, based on some photos i chose from my stack in the ‘to do’ bucket. And now I look at them I’ve realised I picked and chose easy photos to turn into easy paintings because I knew they would work and they would not be taxing. Whereas to push myself I have to pick the things that don’t work as well and I have to learn to do better. Oh well, I will be able to finish off this lot and do the best I can,  and then go onto the hard stuff (ok to be honest – trees. Thats my hard thing at the moment.)

That being said, it’s sometimes just nice to sit down and cruise along and do some paintings that are fun.

This one was Fun, with capital EF. Its’ one of the pictures I took just before new years, around the Grampians, driving along back towards Melbourne. The clouds were rolling along with giant bands of rain. Its all wheat country around there so not a lot of competition with trees or anything. I got a good shot that shows where the sun was hiding, there was and almost break in the cloud, then the next rain band came. The photo leeched the colours and it’s really just greys, but how much better when you shove in purple, which is really what it was looking like at the time!

I squelched paint on this on and then it wasn’t right so I had a go with my finger, which did the trick. Nothing SMOOSHES paint as well as one’s finger. So satisfying to the inner child who didn’t get to paint much, too (paints are messy and smelly, don’t you know!).

So in the bucket of works in progress, i have another A3 beach scene  which is starting to get there, needs a lot more glazes and the sand needs to be brighter:


And yet another beachy one, much smaller, only I’m going to try for minimal brush strokes and maximum colour (this is the acrylic underpainting so it’s only a guideline):


Notice the pristine work environment. Ehem.

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