Farm near launching place

farm near lancing place

farm near launching place

Another landscape done. I’m on leave, I’m churning them out. Oooh I’m meant to be selling myself, am I not, um, I’ve been feeling the muse and am inspired at the moment! Hopefully that’s less pragmatic!  I think that’s Mount Donna Buang in the background.

On another note, I went to the Cranbourne Botannical Gardens the other day. I wasn’t too fond of the scuplty garden bit but the walking bit was pretty sweet. We had a picnic in the ‘woodlands picnic area’. Nice and arid.

There was a small roo (possibly a wallaby) hanging around taunting a few young boys who were trying to make it eat some grass. The disdain on the part of the roo was funny. It would bounce away slightly and turn back and look at them with a ‘Well?’ expression, so they’d run at it waving their grass, and it wound bounce some more.  Always just out of reach. We heard one of the kids begging  ‘Eat some grass…for me!’. I’m not sure that roos respond to passive aggressive behavior, or if it gave a stuff about his well-being. I didn’t get a shot of the roo but a lot of nice shots from where we ate.