The Cat Saga

My cousin was trying to rehome some kittens. I went to have a look (AS YOU DO!) and this one little one, the oldest there (16 weeks) looked up at me and said with giant eyes, please get me the heck out of here. So I did. I brought her home and called her Rigel.  Yes, she’s named after Rigel Dominar from Farscape.  All the girls on that show have naff names and that’s the show I’m watching a the moment. I usually give my cats Science Fiction names.


I’ve had many a kitten. They are usually a bit meh for a few days and then they start to integrate and chill out. The adult cats are hissy and stompy for a bit and then THEY are ok and chill out.

This one, was just plain worrying. She didn’t move, she didn’t play, she didn’t react. If i could find where she was hiding (increasingly weirder places) I could drag her out and she’d sit on my lap but something was wrong. She would tremble and tremble for half an hour when you got her out. She fought being got out of places. See my arm!


Ouch. OUCH.

I thought for a few days she was just traumatized, I wasn’t’ sure if she’d had some sort of messed up life.  I was getting to the point of going to take her to the vet (4 nights I’d had her) – when she vanished. Without trace, utterly. After ripping the house apart I identified two places she probably would have fit through to get outside – my indoor cats have a tube and various enclosures connected to the house, also there is room under a bit of pipe under the back room fridge which is determined-kitten-sized.

So on Tuesday I was sure she’d gone for good.  Lets just say I’ve not been that upset for a long, long time. An animal in my care who is a frightened, loving, animal, just gone.

Friday is Good Friday and I had leave. I was coming back from the 7/11 after getting delicious gluten filled bread (BREAD = YUM) and i looked into the front garden – and there she was looking back at me. I said her name and she shot under the house.

Well there you go.

I started feeding her and the food bowl was licked clean by friday night. Didn’t see her again.  The underneath of my house is horrific for humans. I’d actually crawled in there on Wed with a torch and looked for her but the crawlspace in parts is barely higher than my hips and you can’t see over all the heating ducts, so there was no way I would have found her. The only way to get her would be to lure her into a possum/cat trap (which trap without harm) and the only place that can be got is the council, which don’t open till Tuesday as it’s the long weekend.

Yesterday and today she was appearing all over the front and backyard, always out of reach and always running away as soon as you moved. Got her on camera though.


A friend offered to pick up a cage from someone they knew, I went up and got it today and brought it back, baited it, and checked it a few times. At 8.00pm lo and behold – Rigel was in there looking really really pissed off. And scared.

So she’s back! I have set up the inside of the two-man-tent in the loungeroom and it’s got food, water, litter, blankets, baskets, kitten hiding places. i got in there and we had a pat. she sat on my lap and purred. she got a belly rub.

Tomorrows task is to close up gaps.

I will wait a bit and get her to the vet for shots and desexing and microchipping, then I’ll get her registered.   There is a slight worry she’s old enough to have been inpregnated (she’s 17 weeks now) and I was also wondering when I got her, if she already was – either that or she was sick, or traumatised. I will deal with that when I get to it. Hopefully no unfixed toms in the area but who knows.


So this is an art blog and I’ve found pictures of cats I’ve done that I’ve owned or lived with or done pictures of for freinds…. A lot of them are pretty old paintings – 15 or more years ago. I’ve improved since then!

brown richard dem 4 DSC00005 (8) DSC01763 erins cat heidie hi! Lucretia sleeping yinyang

mini ester DSC01817 DSC01785 DSC01783 DSC00007 (10)

4 responses to “The Cat Saga

  1. She’s a beauty; looks like she’s got some deep love inside there. Seems a good sign that when she was out, she was popping up to show herself to you. I wonder if she would respond to a high shelf from which to practice being social.

    I dig your cat paintings completely. Just fantastic.

    • She went to the vet yesterday and has come back desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, and blood tested. Nothing wrong with her, she’s just timid. What a sweetie though. a purr that you can hear from another room.
      thank you!

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