Beumauris beach


I think this was a photo of Beaumauris beach I used but I’m no longer certain – it’s one of the southeast beaches of Port Philip bay, at any rate – could be Black Rock, too.  Nice big shallow bit with rippling soft waves.  Nice, nice beach, lovely day.

This is a half size picture for me, around half A3. Which would make it A4 I guess (I can do maths ok, right?). So, what, 15 by 20cm? -sounds about right. My rule on this one was to get the feeling down without too much detail and try and come up with a very underworked, dauby, unstructured, but pretty painting. I’m happy with this one. It was what I was going for. I’m getting the hang more and more of landscape. I did this one with just one brush, a hogshair brush that has seen better days but it’s turned into a really nice shape to paint with.

This was the underpainting (n acrylic) and reference photo:


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