Drawing trees

I understand that there is no such thing as ‘a tree’. It’s about breaking it down into what you want to represent, and the best way to do that.  There is the closeup of tree bits, like trunks and leaves, or there are whole trees, either viewed from close or from a distance.

I’ve been drawing some trees this week. I think I get that it’s about the reduction of detail while still trying to keep the feeling of a tree. I think when I was doing paintings I was not drawing the trees in well, and trying to paint what I thought was there without considering how trees should be represented.  I’ve learned a lesson on structure and shape and to not focus on details. It’s about picking out the highlights and the general shape, getting shading and tone in right, and not forcing it too much. Lets see how well that translates to painting soon…

This weeks’ drawings:

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I did a botanical drawing course many years ago which is actually the class i learned to draw in pencil properly in. we got shown how to do petals, leaves, and minute details using pencil. I did two finished drawings in this course that are here – a daisy, and an epacris flower/leaf branch

Scan10232 Scan10226

And I have managed to paint at least ONE good tree, many years ago, just after this course. I’d forgotten all about it as I’ve not seen it since I sold it! It’s very stylized. I did it to play with the leaves how we were taught to draw them. It’s of course a eucalyptus.

tree painting