About Me – Artist’s Statement

My name is Avril E Jean, I live in Melbourne, Australia, in a purple 1950s weatherboard house. I paint in oils or water colours, depending on where whim takes me. Sometimes, instead, I make sock monkeys, or tables. I also write.

In my art, I take everyday images and produce something that I find interesting. I subvert normal events and thing and often there are monsters and dinosaurs in the output. People are fine, interpreting people as monster blobs is way more interesting. I’m working on being the best landscape artist I can be, in specific, the Australian Landscape, which is magnificent.


I have dreadful eyesight,  a collection of 1940s hats, almost every Star Trek Next Gen action figure, and also a small army of cats like to hang with me while I work.

For a crust I work as a Senior Test Analyst – testing superannuation software is actually way more interesting than it sounds but no where as interesting as Art.  I am working on doing less of that and more of the art in the future.  I am working hard with my artwork to get better all the time. It’s kind of fun.

Sometimes when the mood takes me I take my small, horrid, JustinBieberDoll out for a walk and we get a new post for his website, which he allows me to maintain.

Want to know more? I tend to talk about more than art on this blog.

Visit my redbubble site here to check out a pretty good selection of my artwork – everything is available in prints or cards: Redbubble. (No one goes there).

And feel free to like me on facebook: Avril E Jean, Artist

9 responses to “About Me – Artist’s Statement

  1. Hi Avril ! I just wanted to say that your post on dealing with ADD hit me right at home. I’m currently a 20 year old Interior Design student (but my number 1 passion is creating oil paintings). I always thought I had a few screws loose, but I never knew what it was. It wasn’t until this past year that I realized I was suffering from it ADD. I have to doodle to stay awake in all of my classes, I’m always the only one who seems to misinterpret or struggle to get started on my assignments. I love pretty much anything action-oriented, especially anything that involves creating ( cooking, sewing, drawing, etc.). My point is that reading your post made me smile because I realized I’m not the only artist who has severe mental struggles. You should continue to write, your words are very inspirational =] .

  2. It took me a long time to work out what was going on with me,i kept doing really utterly stupid things a lot and i never did as well in exams as i should have, etc. If i’d been diagnosed earlier i’d have had a very different career, but I find myself totally ok with who I am now and how I got here.
    Yeah, scribbling to stay awake and misinterpreting instructions and wondering how people could understand their maths without having to go over and over it….I got good at hiding it too!
    There is nothing wrong with having ADD, it can be very irritating at times when you want to focus and cannot, but it’s great for creativity. I never make a secret of it any more. I still draw during meetings, but i usually let the person running it know it’s not them it’s me. 🙂

  3. I have just enjoyed a selection of your posts and your lovely paintings. Thanks for visiting and following my blog. I am delighted to have found yours and will be following it too.

  4. Hi Avril — thanks for following my blog! I’ve had a quick look at yours and will be following; I look forward to more leisurely appreciating when my current deadline is out of the way!

    • I’m usually too busy to check out blogs but i’m on leave at the moment, so i’m finding lots of interesting things to read!

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