Exhibition – Regina Rex

“Regina Rex”  Feb 19th to 28th 2015  at  Artboy Gallery, 99 Greville St Prahran, Melbourne.

I have the back section of the gallery for 10 days in February. The rest of the gallery is going to be hosting an ultra cool group show which I will update when they release the details on their website.  There will be around 25 paintings in the show, ranging in size and price. All paintings are of a crowned head of England and some sort of extinct animal.  I’ve mostly focused on both Elizabeths but there are plenty of others in there.

Charles II small henry vIII small OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA victoria small

How did Regina Rex come about?

About two years ago I was utterly miserable working on a project at (paid) work and I needed something to focus on to get my mind off it.  I had many times in the past thought “Hey, I’d like to paint the Queen in full coronation regalia” so I decided to do that. As soon as I started I got bored and thought to myself “Now, then, wouldn’t it be cool to stick her on the back of a dinosaur?”   I had qualms about when painting the velociraptor as they are actually feathered and I didn’t want to paint feathers because it would look crap, so I decided – the queen clearly SHAVES her dinosaur. Or gets staff to do it for her. Duh.

And then it kind of went from there.

Why the name?

In Latin, Regina Rex means Queen King, and I like the play on Tyrannosaurus rex, a name everyone is familiar with.

Are these supposed to be funny?

My goodness yes.  This is not satire either – I just love formal court portraits, I’m interested in history, i like dinosaurs and i really wanted to practice my skills at portrait painting but not be left with just pictures of people that no one wanted to take away from me at the end of it all. Painting those rich fabrics and jewels and poses has done wonders for my skill levels.

Do I want to know more! Yes!

Blog posts that go through the journey of the painting process for individual pictures are linked to here.

The trials of making it look like the queen wasn’t hallucinating a giant poo

Queen Anne and the difficulties of photographing black when you really have no idea about photography

The princess Elizabeth and the issues with figuring out how to shade something that is not actually there

Painting an English background landscape during a Melbourne summer

Creepy zombie queen – action shots

First Elizabethen with action shots – yeah these are pretty creepy zombie too

The current batch (November 2014) being painted

The prince regent poses with a dodo

I never want to paint woodgrain again, thank you Mr Henry VIII, even if it looks great

The late Devonian lungfish I did my honours thesis on makes a really nice Tudor ornament

In which I complain about painting scales and explain how annoying Mary Queen of Scots is

The Bayeux tapestry is actually an embroidery. Have you ever tried to embroider a comet?

Henry VII

Henry VII

Henry V

Henry V

Blue queen

Blue queen

Henry VIII Burgess shale

Henry VIII Burgess shale

the ichtyostega portrait

the ichtyostega portrait

The Gondwana portrait

The Gondwana portrait

The extinction portrait

The extinction portrait

Mary Tudor and lungfish

Mary Tudor and lungfish

Queen and Sauropod

the prince regent was thought by some to be a bit of a dodo. so i added one. based on a portrait by Thomas lawrence

Prinny and Friend

Bayeux mass extinction event


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